On October 10th 2018, the Symposium “Cyber Security: fighting the crime of the
twenty-first century” takes place. This Symposium is organized by Asset | Economics
and Asset | SBIT, part of one of the largest study associations in Europe and affiliated
with Tilburg University. The main goal of the event is to raise awareness about the
impact of Cyber Security on our society. Cyber Security will be discussed on the cutting
edge of Economics and Information Management.

Previous editions focussed on “disruptive technology” (e.g. Big Data
and Blockchain). We want to focus on a topic that does not only get positive attention
but also a topic which is a concern of our society. We believe that Cyber Security really
matches this profile and we think that we can discuss Cyber Security from different
• We want to start with raising awareness about the damage cybercrime can do
towards companies by letting an affected company tell their story.
• We present the complete opposite of the victim; an ethical hacker (he or she will
explain a potential hackers approach).
• A consultant who helped a lot of companies to prevent attacks will provide insight
in how she/he does that.
• And the last speaker will be a representative of the Dutch government.
This is an outline of what we would like to discuss in the symposium. However, we are
open for suggestions of the experts. Apart from the topic within Cyber Security which
the speaker discusses, we also want to allow the submission of questions and create
discussions via a mobile app to make it an interactive session. In this way we want to
create interaction with the audience.


October 10, 10.00h
Registration Deadline
September 27
Tilburg University

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Tel: 013 466 2998

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