Career Steps

Asset | SBIT offers it's members several opportunities to work towards your future career in Information Management. There are numerous activities where you as a student can get in touch with companies that might be your future employer. These are events like In-House Days, Case Days, a Business Tour or a Business Dinner. Besides this you can find job offerings and internships on our Career Portal or explore the companies that are looking for IM students on our Company Profiles page. If you have any questions about the services we offer to help you with your career steps please send an email to or visit us at room E1.16. We have dozends of contacts within companies looking for IM students and are always willing to help you where we can.

Below you can find a short overview of the activities that Asset | SBIT offers her members. These activities are aimed at the interaction between companies and students, which makes them ideal for students that are looking for an internship or a prospective job.

Business Tour
About twenty five students will visit a total of three companies in two days. They will get an impression of the participating companies and what it’s like to work for that company. They will travel by bus to the companies and spend the night in a hostel.

Business Dinner
The business dinner is an excellent informal way for students to interact with recruiters from participating companies. The dinner will be a luxury 4-course at a high end restaurant in Tilburg. Every course the students will switch tables to get the opportunity to talk to every company. The night will end with a drink, where students have the possibility to exchange contact information with recruiters.

Business Café+
The business café will be hosted about twice a year. It will be organised in a café or other attractive location. On these nights a specialist will talk about interesting developments in their profession. During this evening there will be a dinner at the chosen cafe. Afterwards the students will have the opportunity to talk to the speaker about their subject or the company they represent. Business Cafés will be planned in agreement with interested parties.

This is an evening hosted by small and medium enterprises, to disprove incorrect prejudices and show you what it’s like to work at a SME company. The presentation was held by Eksbit (SBIT Alumni) members in the past few years in an interactive manner, so students actually participate and can actively ask questions. This year someone working for a ‘big company’ will also attend, to even better differentiate between small and big companies.

Curious about when these events take place? Visit our activities page.