Asset | SBIT - Dodgeball Sports Activity

Date: 16 Apr 2018
Asset | SBIT - Dodgeball Sports Activity

Have you always wanted to play dodgeball in one of the biggest/only trampoline parks of the Netherlands? On Monday, April 16, you will get the opportunity to do so with Asset | SBIT, free of charge!

We will meet at 19:30h at the Asset | SBIT room, E1.16, Esplanade building. From here we will take the train to Breda. When we arrive we will walk to the Trampoline Park and at 20:30h we will start the first match and we will play trampoline dodgeball until 22:00h.

please note that, if you don't have a weekly subscription on public transport, the cost of the public transport will be on your own expense.


Unfortunately, the registrations are closed.